Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Until 2015

Holy half-year long delay Batman!

Yes it's true, just as soon as a mouthwateringly brilliant gameplay video showcasing the Batmobile emerges, that same trailer ends with the very ominous "Coming 2015 Worldwide", which obviously is incredibly disheartening to all of us being that the original date for release was October of this year. Let's focus on the positives for now though shall we? It's about time we got an idea of just exactly how imposing and versatile the Batmobile was going to be, and with this teaser being comprised of in-engine footage, we've got another look at how the game's going to turn out once the perspective swings behind the Bat rather than the more cinematic way these teasers are going. As you'll notice the new Batmobile is something of a Nolan-esque powerhouse, transforming from what looks like a pursuit mode into the teased 'Battle Mode', one that features a wealth of perp-slaying weaponry. Even though the trailer flies over the car, those quick on the pause button will have picked up on the following: - 60mm Cannon - A "Kinetic energy penetrator" great for punching a whole in some thick armour up to 820mm. - Vulcan Gun - An 'armour piercing incendiary anti-tank surface to air' weapon, so it looks like we'll be felling airborne opponents too. - Six individually-targeting laser and GPS-guided missiles made of 2kg blast-fragmentation explosives. Very tasty. - Riot Suppressor - Non-lethal slam rounds - medium-velocity flexible polymer with minimum long-term trauma. We don't know about you, but the name 'slam rounds' just scream that effortless level of high-tech badassery we've come to associate with Rocksteady's handling of the character, and although we're going to have to wait until 2015, here's to E3 so we can see the new vehicle in action. What do you guys think? Was Arkham Knight one of the only titles you were looking forward to this year? And what do you make of the new Batmobile and its weapons? Let us know in the comments!
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