Batman: Arkham Knight New Trailers - Why Poison Ivy Is Helping Batman

Seems not everyone is loyal to Scarecrow after all.

It seems that with the release of Arkham Knight being only three and a half weeks away, both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. are rounding the bend onto the home stretch, their final sprint to the finish being comprised of multiple fancy new trailers for all those in attendance. First up there's another gameplay mission that, although it doesn't show anything knew, focusses entirely on Bruce's efforts to free Poison Ivy from the clutches of Scarecrow. Whereby in past trailers we'd see Batman talking to Ivy as the latter doles out what Scarecrow's plan to destroy Gotham are, now we know her threadbare allegiance comes from Batman saving her in the first place. As you can see it doesn't stop her playful nature attempting to kill or restrain Batman one last time anyway - such is the mentality of an inmate from Arkham Asylum - but instead Bruce is forever one step ahead, and we're treated to more Batmobile combat as a result. All the gung-ho explosion-filled car chases seem to be putting off as many people as they are ensnaring newcomers - but one thing's for certain, if you can get on board with the fact the new Batmobile has enough firepower to make Mad Max cower in fear, it should make for some brilliant "check your brain in at the door"-type gameplay. In addition to this there's a shorter, PS4 exclusive trailer that shows off what pre-ordering the game on that console will get you. Watch out for the 1960's Adam West costume near the close of the footage - it's worth it just to see what that take on the character would've looked like, had West been more in shape at the time. What do you think of the new footage? Too much Batmobile combat, and should the PS4 get such exclusive access to these costumes? Let us know in the comments!
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