Batman Arkham LEAK: First Look At The Batcycle

The Dark Knight's new toy looks amazing.

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

As rumours continue to heat up in regards to WB Montreal's in-development Batman game, the first look at the Batcycle has been leaked on Twitter.

Teased by Geeks Worldwide writer, James Sigfield, the screens are apparently from the cancelled Damien Wayne game the studio was working on prior to the new title. They explain that a bunch of concepts from that project - including the usable vehicle pictured - are likely to make their way over to the final release.

That makes sense as well, as rumours have suggested before that plenty of prototypes from cancelled projects have made it over to the new project, including co-op systems that were originally created for a Suicide Squad title.

The Batcycle itself looks awesome, and could suggest more options when it comes to vehicular combat in the new game. So far, the Arkham series has only featured a drivable Batmobile, but considering The Dark Knight's wealth of gadgets and toys in the source material, it makes sense for the next game to include an expanded carsenal.

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