Batman: Arkham Legacy - 10 Villains We Want To See

Riddle me this, Riddle me that... Which of us will kill the Bat?

DC Comics/Gabriele Dell'Otto

The Batman Arkham series has been a critical and commercial smash hit for more than a decade, with the superb debut title Arkham Asylum defining the action adventure genre (at least for comic book games), and each subsequent entry iterating and improving on the last.

Never before had fans been so connected to Batman and his world. Never before had anyone experienced what it would be like to truly BE the Dark Knight.

So, with the next instalment in this beloved franchise all but confirmed at this point, fans are eagerly awaiting the official reveal. Bat-fans everywhere are practically salivating at the prospect of gliding down onto the blood-soaked streets of Gotham once more, to do epic battle with, assumedly, the Court of Owls.

With the rumor mill working overtime and rumours rife as to which members of the Dark Knight's formidable and legendary rogues gallery will feature in this new adventure though, no one knows for sure who will and won't appear.

Previous entries in the series have cast the likes of Joker, Two Face, and the Riddler in starring roles, but now is the time for a new cabal of colourful characters to try their hand at taking down the Bat.


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