Batman Arkham Origins: 10 Reasons Why It Should Get Your Blood-Pumping

batman-origins There was a lot of skepticism around after Arkham Asylum was first announced, with many believing the promises of grandeur being made couldn€™t possibly be true. This makes sense, given every superhero game (excluding Spider-Man 2) released before that point was about as enjoyable as taking a pineapple as a suppository, so how could anyone be expected to hold any hope that Rocksteady, a studio that€™d developed exactly zero games before Arkham, could succeed in producing a superhero game when the genre had failed so many times before? Well not only did they produce the greatest superhero game ever made, Arkham Asylum turned out to be one of the best games of the year. A few years later the studio released a sequel to this masterpiece in the form of Arkham City which, to everyone€™s amazement, managed to outdo its predecessor. Now thought-of as one of the greatest games of the generation, City provided gamers with the feeling of what it was like to be The Dark Knight, allowing players to fly across an open-world in search of terrified criminals and madmen. Both games were surrounded by pessimism before release, with most gamers not able to believe the studio could strike gold more than once. Now Arkham Origins has been announced a similar thing has happened. Warner Bros Montreal has taken over the mantle as Batman developer, creating waves of panic among franchise fanboys like myself, but people should remember that Rocksteady had no games to their name before Asylum, so Montreal€™s lack of previous experience doesn€™t mean we should cry nerd tears just yet. While there are many reasons to be excited for Arkham Origins, we€™ve managed to narrow it down to just 10. So, in no particular order, here€™s why Origins should be getting your blood-pumping...
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