Battlefield 3: 5 Broken Features & How to Fix Them

Here's hoping DICE is listening up for BF4 next year...

1. Supression

Why it's broken: More to the point, what works about it? The idea behind the suppressive fire mechanic of Battlefield 3 - let the player now they are being shot at, or it is not safe to move. But, DICE's execution is broken. Sure, the blurred screen is fine enough, but your weapon accuracy takes an insane hit, making it almost impossible to return fire, always ensuring your timely demise. How to fix it: This one is simple - take out the weapon accuracy nerf. It really breaks the game and makes a great idea a poor one. Another way to improve this is to have the effect die instantly if you move or your opponent is killed. Suppression, by definition, is being pinned down. A soldier who is sprinting through the fight is clearly not pinned down, and therefore doesn't need to be suppressed. Also, if the player pinning you is KIA, he is no longer capable of doing so, so the effect should instantly wear off. DICE, the gameplay function can work, just make it less powerful.

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