Battlefield 3 Close Quarters: What You Need To Know

Check out a quick breakdown of everything Battlefield 3's Close Quarters DLC has to offer.

Battlefield 3's Close Quarters DLC brings the intense military combat from the open battlefield into tight corridors. Intense shootouts and a frantic pace are set to unleash around you. New tactics will be key to surviving along with putting the brand new weapons to good use which include: the M417 sniper rifle, the M5K machine pistol, L86LSW MG, and the ACW-R Carbine. The best part of the new weapons is that, once you unlock them, they will be available for use within other multiplayer components. Expect the highly destructible environments to return. Destroy the environment by laying down an onslaught of ballistics into the rooms you enter. Tear the furniture to pieces, evaporate the plaster on the walls, and scan the mayhem around you after the battle is over. Vertical gameplay provides an all new direction to take fire from, so staying frosty is key. New Assignments will also be offered along with unique dog tags that players can equip. Team play and instant action will be mixed with an all new Conquest Domination and Gun Master modes. If you're seriously considering picking up the DLC pack, it's worth checking out the brand new Battlefield 3 Premium Subscription service. Offered for $50 a year, it will provide a wide range of features. This includes access to all future DLC packs. The Battlefield 3 Close Quarters pack is available now to extend your multiplayer experience. Enjoy the gallery below with screens from the Ziba Tower and the Donya Fortress maps.

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