Battlefield 4: 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

Here's 3 things EA and DICE should avoid when developing Battlefield 4.

Unlike the rest of the Battlefield community, I am actually pretty pumped for Battlefield 4. I thoroughly enjoyed Bad Company 2 and was blown away by Battlefield 3, but couldn't help but feel let down by a few things. So without further ado, here's 3 things EA and DICE should avoid when developing Battlefield 4.

1. Don't Take Things Out From The Trailers

Remember the awesome Fault Line trailer that came out in early 2011? The graphics, sound and overall quality of BF3 really blew people away. A particular highlight for me was the small things. The way the weapons reloaded, the way they sprinted and the way it sounded and the awesome design of the M4A1 rifle wield by Blackburn. Unfortunately, most of this was taken out and we got the watered down version of BF3. To the awful looking sprinting to less aggressive sound of the gunshots, it just wasn't as impressive. The weapon model got changed from a scratched, photo realistic work of art to a cartoony, blocky, sand coloured basic design. On top of that, some of the chatter added into the trailers never actually made it into the game. Listen to the Caspian Border trailer, the jet pilots communicate, even if it just single player dialogue. It adds a cool level of stress and atmosphere to the game and it's a shame it wasn't permanent. If the developers thought it would sound better in a trailer, would it not sound better in the game? Seems like a logic fail to me, but I digress. This may come across as nitpicky, but it seems odd to put extra time in to make the game worse.

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