Battlefield 4 PS3 Review

These unacceptable gripes are far more prevalent in the multiplayer too, hurting the core selling point to nearly irredeemable levels. It€™s only mitigated by the satisfaction instilled for when €“ what is probably the best competitive multiplayer in all of gaming- actually functions properly. You€™re going to have immense fun bolting for helicopters to fly across the new and treacherous map with. If you€™re like me, you€™ll probably just crash them, but the exhilarating tension of primarily objective based gameplay is still there. In other words, you have to suffer through quite a bit of frustration to get that traditional, quenching Battlefield experience. There are also some other minor gripes I have with these current generation versions. If you were hoping for some epic all out warfare with 2 teams of 32 clashing, you€™re out of luck. Feats of that capacity are strictly reserved for the next generation of consoles. This unfortunately can result in some games feeling slightly less filled and action packed as Dice probably intended, but honestly aside from that little nuisance all the maps feel carefully designed with their own distinct identity. What really befuddles me though is the inability to easily join games with friends across all current generation consoles. There is no option to Squad Up with your buddies at all, leaving you resorting to more annoying dashboard tactics to join your friends. It€™s completely baffling and something I would hope was looked into for next generation consoles. It€™s worth noting that there is a campaign packaged in, but more pertinently so that it is a complete waste of 4 hours and insultingly slapped together for the sake of having one. Essentially, you play as a faceless and mute Sergeant Recker and must guide your squad through 7 missions of hell to stop some dastardly plans cooked up by China. It is never once gripping or engaging but rather overflowing with cringe worthy macho military dialogue like €œSometimes a wolf has to chew off his own leg to survive€ and €œI€™m not out of my mind, I€™m in my right mind€. Whatever you say, digital Michael K. Williams€ I could forgive the loss of brain cells if there were at least some exciting interactive action sequences driving things forward but well€ playing freaking Total Eclipse of the Heart while trapped underwater doesn€™t get my adrenaline flowing. It just makes me laugh and confused as to what the hell I just bought.

It also needs to be mentioned that your squad members are shockingly useless in ways that blow even my mind. Look, I have come to accept that when I play any military shooter, I€™m going to be carrying the team on my back but good God almighty; after I murder everyone in an entire area they could at least follow me to our objective. Instead they squat, positioned behind cover doing nothing until the code in the game triggers these buffoons to progress. One time I had to continually bump them from cover to cover for a good minute before the dumbasses realized everyone was dead. No one should ever buy Battlefield 4 for the single player experience, unless they€™re a glutton for buggy punishment and atrociously generic military cliches. The competitive multiplayer is once again where the game shines provided you€™re into that scene of gaming, but even still, I just can€™t recommend these current generation versions to anyone. If you truly love Battlefield and are sitting on the sidelines for next generation consoles, then I€™ll say bite the bullet. That is the only scenario however, in which I can recommend Battlefield 4 in good conscience.

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Battlefield 4 is available now in the US and UK for current and next generation consoles.
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