Before FIFA 14: 5 Ways To Annoy Your Opponent

fifa cover With the arrival of FIFA 14 fast approaching EA€™s huge fan base waits impatiently to start afresh their virtual footballing careers. Increasingly gaming is played online, often competitively against friends or strangers. FIFA is no exception with the most popular game modes including the online Ultimate Team and online seasons. Of course gaming is mainly for fun, this said online matches in any game can get very tense, with many taking their online exploits very seriously; just look at the recent phenomenon of YouTube professional gamers. The nature of competitive online gaming can indeed anger and frustrate intensely, with FIFA this is evident. The largely young male demographic who plays FIFA (myself included) can become extremely wound up over a simple online football match; after all, those all-important promotion points don€™t come easily. There are some who take advantage of this, or merely enjoy playing mind games with their opponents. Few FIFA fans will have avoided encounters with opponents who make you want to smash your console into oblivion. There is a certain cynical satisfaction in knowing that your actions are addling your rivals€™ brain to distraction. Here we take a look at 5 universally practiced ways in which FIFA gamers torment their opponents in online matches, these unspoken illegal acts have and will continue to anger teenage boys for years to come. Click "Next" to begin.
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