Bethesda Working on a Patch for SKYRIM

Bethesda preaching patience in the fixing of the Skyrim bugs.

Bethesdaannounced they are working as fast as they can to fix some of the bugs that have been showing up in their most recent game Skyrim. Bethesda games have always had bugs because of the massive size of most of their games and Skyrim is no exception. One of the big problems is the graphical issues with the Xbox 360 version of the game when installed. However, Bethesda wants you to know they are working as fast as they can on fixing these issues through a patch, but you need to be patient because these things take time. Here is what Bethesda had to say:

"We are continuing to work on an update for all platforms to address issues any bugs and issues we can,We will fix as much as we can for your platform. I don€™t know if it will fix €˜your€™ bug. Takes a while to test/fix/regress. Hang in there.€
I have put in about 25 hours into the game and have only experienced a few miscues, one game freeze, loading a save with no sound coming on, and a few graphical hiccups. But for a game as big as Skyrim these are totally excusable, not to mention you can save anytime to prevent these issues affecting your game. Have any of you come across game crushing bugs or just funny glitches like flying horses?

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