Bethesda's Unannounced 2017 Game: 5 Things It Could Be

It's almost definitely Starfield, but as for what that is, well...

BETHESDA Starfield

Bethesda's E3 2017 conference left many, including hardcore fans, disappointed.

Though announcements of The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus were well received, a lack of new IP or RPGs - along with the repackaging of Skyrim - left many wondering whether a conference was even necessary in the first place.

However, in a recent interview with "Tek Syndicate," Bethesda public relations executive, Pete Hines, teased a 2017 release of an unannounced title, saying, "We have a ton of stuff going on and we even have a game coming out this year that we haven't told anybody about yet. They can wait. It won't be so long."

Hines later appeared to walk back his comments on Twitter, leading to many outlets claiming that there was no game after all.

However, Hines later confirmed his tweet was a joke, and that there is indeed a new Bethesda game still to come in 2017, leaving us to question what it may be. With the company's track record of releasing major titles like Fallout 4 but also mobile titles and remasters, one can only speculate as to what surprises they have in store.

5. A New Franchise (The Game Of Thrones Leak Was Real?)

BETHESDA Starfield

Bethesda's published games (including new IPs) have been well received by critics, despite middling sales. Titles such as Dishonored, Prey, DOOM, and Wolfenstein have provided unique gaming experiences, ranging from a dystopian space station to an alternative universe where Nazi Germany won the Second World War.

With Bethesda's solid track record on introducing new IPs, perhaps we could see a surprise launch of an entirely new game.

The shock from such an announcement would certainly generate hype, especially if the new title was a triple A game. However, entirely new projects often rely on a long amount of time to properly market the title for sales success. Bethesda would be taking a major risk that could reap rewards, but whether they would be willing to sacrifice the time needed to market such a game is simply unknown.

What this hypothetical new IP could be is anyone's guess, but Bethesda has expressed a desire to get into the science fiction genre. Also, HBO has had talks with Bethesda about a RPG based off Game of Thrones, but Bethesda Game Studios rejected offers.

That being said, a recent Target leak depicted a "Game of Thrones" title coming soon, although its authenticity is in doubt.

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