Bioshock: The Collection Confirmed For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Would you kindly pick my jaw up off the floor?

Bioshock Collection PS4 Xbox One

When you think of iconic modern video game series, Bioshock is up there in the big leagues. So the news that the entire trilogy is being remastered and heading to current generation consoles and PC is possibly the best thing I've heard all week.

Bioshock's incredibly complex and unpredictable storylines teamed with the unique in-game worlds of Rapture and Columbia made every game a staple in its own right. With the original containing anxiety-fuelling horror sequences, Bioshock 2 letting you step into the surprisingly morally conscious boots of a Big Daddy prototype, and finally Bioshock Infinite dappling in the unfathomable knitting basket that is multiple reality theory, a well deserved gloss of current gen paint is sure to revive the franchise and introduce it to a host of new players.


Thankfully, the remastered bundle also include all of the previously released single player DLC for each game, and today's technology can make the oceans around Rapture seen deeper and more sinister than ever before, alongside the skies of Columbia glowing lustrously before our eyes. I personally cannot wait to revisit the Splicer-filled corridors of the original and bust out a whole load of retextured plasmids (Electro Bolt FTW).



Would you pick up Bioshock: The Collection for current gen? Or do you believe the series should be left alone? Leave your comments in the thread below. Bioshock: The Collection comes to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on September 13th.

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