Bioware Confirm Anthem Development Has Restarted

Better late than never?


Over a year after its release, Anthem has finally begun the process of rebuilding. The troubled looter shooter was a disaster at launch, selling well but immediately causing controversy over a lack of content and a bunch of performance issues. As a result, the roadmap for expansions and DLC was all but scrapped as EA an Bioware began to figure out how to save the ambitious project.

In February 2020 it was announced that Anthem 2.0, or Anthem Next, was being worked on. This was a complete overhaul to the base experience, and now the studio has released its first update on how development is going. Apparently, the team (a 30-person squad drafted in from Bioware Austin) is still in the incubation period on the project, testing out prototypes and confirming their plans for how the revised version should play.

With it being a major retooling, fans shouldn't expect to see it come to fruition every time soon. On the one hand, that is frustrating to people who invested at launch to have to wait so long to actually enjoy the game, but the right move to avoid yet another controversial disaster.


EA still has time to save the game, but whether players will still be around to care remains to be seen.

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