Black Ops 2: 20 Reasons To Be Excited

Battlefield fans beware! WhatCulture run through the 20 biggest reasons we can't wait for the next Call of Duty title...

The coming months will be sprinkled liberally with stellar releases, with sequels and reboots for some of the grandest names in gaming franchise history set to make the traditionally busy Autumn window of release even more eye-catching as usual before the current generation of consoles shuffles off towards pipe and slippers land sometime in the first half of 2013. And though there will be some who see the annual Call of Duty release as something to be viewed with scorn - a dressed up marketing exercise where the money is already guaranteed, and the developers don't need to do anything to convince fans to invest - this year's offering looks to be a step in the right direction. And let's be honest, it was needed after the oddly soulless threequel that was Modern Warfare 3, which is still being played, but which attracted criticism from within the usually stoically positive Call of Duty community. The sequel to the still excellent Black Ops will land on shelves on Tuesday 13th November, and in the hands of Treyarch, we have nothing but high expectations of the coming game, especially with the developer promising to shake things up with new game modes, a new setting and some familiar faces to drive the story. The cast-list, including the technical side reads like a hugely impressive ensemble of talents, and from what we have seen so far, the game is going to live up to expectations. And provided it goes some way to address the problems of the last Call of Duty title, we might all feel a bit better about loving the biggest war-game series ever, without attracting the cartoonish ire of "hardcore FPS" gamers who view the slick presentation and accessibility as nothing more than a front for a casual game with lots of bells and whistles. But Black Ops wasn't that at all, and there is no reason to suggest that the sequel, which promises bigger, bolder and better, will fall into the trap that MW3 did. So, without further ado, behold our twenty reasons why you should be enormously excited about the impending release of Treyarch's Black Ops 2... Click next below to reveal the first reason.

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