Black Ops 2: Where It Succeeds And Fails

Love the series or not, it just seemingly won't die.

The Good

1. The Story and The Characters

Black Ops 2's single player story mode is written by The Dark Knight trilogy writer David S. Goyer so we can no doubt expect a step up in story from previous entries, even the first Black Ops game. The new setting could provide a new inspiration for the story. Also, Treyarch has employed a new facial animation system and it looks awesome. Check out the E3 gameplay to see an example of this. I love how Treyarch constantly finds more things to do, as opposed to Infinity Ward's..."innovation". And kudos for the protagonist a voice, it's a shame it's so ignored by all modern shooters. Also, a quick note, the pilot Mason is communicating with sounds like Jennifer Hale. Anyone agree?


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