Borderlands: 10 Brilliant Moments That Made Us Hardcore Fans

Being a Vault Hunter gave us hundreds of great memories. Here's ten of the best!

Whether playing solo or running through with friends, the Borderlands games have been two of the most outlandishly fun experiences of this generation. Between the slick presentation, the quick, satisfying gunplay, the exciting loot system and the stories that oozed with character, they struck a beautiful balance between great gameplay mechanics and engaging narrative to drive the action. With so many great qualities to cite as the series€™ finest, it€™s tough to pick out the most memorable and awesome moments that made us hardcore fans, but this list attempts to pick out the most badass and brilliant aspects we came to love during our adventures as Vault Hunters on that gritty paradise, the planet Pandora.

10. The Borderlands Opening Cinematic Like all good stories, we should start at the beginning. And oh, what a majestic beginning it was. From the second that bandit car sent a scag flying through the dusty Pandora air and that awesome Cage the Elephant track started bleeding from your speakers, it was love. The cinematic embodied the series' sense of style absolutely perfectly €“ it had a lazy guitar riff that summons images of cowboys in run down bars, it had the dusty landscapes and crazy marauders we've come to know and love, and it had that sense of humour that underlines the entire experience so wonderfully.
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