Borderlands 2: 8 Reasons We're Still Playing

Borderlands 2 is an experience that feeds off insanity, and offers up plenty of reasons to venture back through the world of Pandora on the quest for loot.

Welcome When the original Borderlands exploded into gamers' hands in 2009, the fine folks at Gearbox managed to fuse the FPS genre with the leveling and skill systems of popular RPG titles. Players wielded a vast arsenal of weaponry and had their pickings of skills to grind their way through. Borderlands embraces the idea of playing a game the way you want to play, and simply having fun. Needless to say, when they followed up with their sequel everything was bigger, better, and entirely more badass. With four classes at your disposal, and a seemingly endless supply of weaponry, it's easy to see how many are still twiddling their thumbs away with numerous characters builds. Yet, those are just a few of the many reasons to keep adventuring through the quests of Pandora. Here are ten reasons we're still playing Borderlands 2, and ten reasons why you should be too.

8. The Purity of Absurdity

Borderlands2Wimoweh One of the best aspects of Borderlands 2 is that never tries to be something that it isn't. At its core the game is all about over-the-top insanity, and it delivers the goods. The antagonist of the story, Handsome Jack, is one of the most ridiculous characters to come around in gaming for quite some time. Listening to the miscellaneous audio logs throughout Pandora, or the harassment he constantly throws your way is a sampling of the ridiculous nature in Borderlands 2. Pure absurdity throughout every aspect of the game radiates a charm that is hard to ignore, and easy to keep coming back too.

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