Borderlands 3 Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

The best one yet.

borderlands 3

Gearbox needed a win.

After practically sitting out an entire generation - save for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, some remasters and the terribly-timed Battleborn - such a once-prolific developer could do with some positive press.

Thankfully, though it's very easy to label Borderlands 3 "more of the same"; a safe execution on a tried n' tested formula already beloved by millions, there are a ton of meaningful tweaks that - at least for me - make it the best Borderlands yet.

Now, keep in mind going forward that I've played very little of Borderlands before. I always bounced right off its comedy and thought the gunplay was supremely light, twitchy and lacking momentum.

In the current shooter landscape - where COD: Modern Warfare is going down a storm, Destiny's feel is exemplary and Warframe showcases a rewarding loot loop like no other - Borderlands needs to be airtight to reclaim the top spot.

Thankfully, although Gearbox have played their hand very carefully, this is a sequel of refinement - of a studio knowing exactly what's needed and where to implement changes.

So many instalments in, although it's the second numbered sequel, this is the perfect place to start for newcomers.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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