Bottom 10 Most Underrated Games of All Time

In a community built on reputations, it's hard for some games to bounce back and earn the fame and fortune they really deserve.

Some games just plain suck. Everybody knows they suck. But others, well others just get a bad reputation. In a community built on reputations, it's hard for those games to bounce back and earn the fame and fortune they really deserve. These are ten of those games...

10. Clyve Barker's Undying (PC)

Brought to us by one of the true masters of modern terror, Clyve Barker's Undying gave the player an great mix of FPS action and suspense from the get go. This classic story of a haunted mansion put the player in the somewhat magical shoes of a psychic detective, with the unique ability to "scrye" past events or phantasmal presences by focusing his energy. Also, despite his job description, he wasn't a new age pansy ass, so he carried a six shooter with him at all times. Like every true horror, the game utilized suspense and disbelief to a great degree. Often, you might find yourself shooting at shadows. Though I played the game years ago, a single moment still stands out to me a clear as day as a representation of the kind of true suspense the game gave players. I was walking down a hallway. At the end of the long hallway I approached a dresser, which caused my "scrying meter" to glow, indicating it had some other worldly connections. I "scryed" at it, causing a ghost to appear in front of me. I shot several shots before realizing it was a mirror, then spun around and shot several more into thin air, as if bullets would hurt a ghost anyway. I was then totally empty on ammunition. The game was chalk full of moments that challenged the gamer's self control and the eventually their coordination, as the game became more focused on the FPS aspect in the second half. Unfortunately, Undying never really took off. Critics gave the game generally favorable reviews, but there simply wasn't enough focus on the shooting for FPS players, and it had too much shooting for people looking for a good survival game. It was truly unfortunate that more people didn't get a chance to live through this terrifying mystery.
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