Brothers in Arms Furious 4 In Trouble?

Brother in Arms Furious 4 may be cancelled.

The first time we heard about Brother in Arms Furious 4 was last year at E3. It was also the last time we have seen or heard anything from the game. Turns out the game may be in at least development hell and worst cancelled all together. Ubisoft and developer Gearbox Software have not said much about the game that was suppose to be released this year and now comes word that Ubisoft dropped both trademarks for the game here and here. Brother in Arms Furious 4 was suppose to be a return to a beloved franchise with a different take. The video above (starts at 1.32) shows a new more comedy based group of fighters almost cartoony version of Brother in Arms Furious 4. Some people liked the new direction others not so much but at this point it may not matter because Ubisoft is not saying anything at about the future of the game:
"We don't have anything to share at this point in time."
Not to mention we are almost at E3 2012 and Ubisoft and Gearbox are not saying a thing about Brother in Arms Furious 4 being there. In most cases developers and publishers like to talk about the games they are going to showcase at E3 but no one has said a thing about Brother in Arms Furious 4 even showing up at E3 this year. Now the fact that they let the trademarks expire doesn't necessarily mean the game has been cancelled, they could be renaming the game because some people who loved the Brother in Arms franchise didn't like the direction it was going in like the XCOM game. But in all honesty this doesn't bode well for the game and I wouldn't be surprised to hear it has been cancelled.

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