Call Of Duty: 15 Iconic Moments That Confirm Its Genius

Sure, some folks may hate it. But still, Call Of Duty does occasionally pull an awesome rabbit out of its mega-budget hat.

Call Of Duty is the video-game equivalent of marmite. You either love it or you hate it. And unfortunately those who dislike the series are a lot more open about that fact. Yet COD continues to be one of the highest grossing video-game franchises of all time (at 8th) and arguably the biggest selling multiplayer shooter of all time €“ its closest competitor Battlefield is barely pushing half of COD's sales. Of course some of the surface criticism is deserved. For example, "every game is just a palette swap!" And to an extent this is true. The major Call Of Dutys usually appear to have a new graphics engine and that's about it. But if you were to examine the details much more closely, you begin to see more than just adjusted cosmetics. A new cooperative multiplayer mode here or a vault jump there. Things that on their own don't necessitate a lot of praise but in the mixing bowl that is Call Of Duty it makes for one of the best experiences you can have with a games console. And that's before you get into the biggest factor into why Call Of Duty is the juggernaut it is today. Those iconic points where the audience really starts to understand just what they are doing. These are without a doubt the most profound moments throughout Activision's entire run of the most important first person shooter of all time... Naturally, you can expect some major SPOILERS for the main Call Of Duty games.

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