Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 10 Killer Features It Must Have

The big dog is back!

Like Christmas, Easter and your birthday, the announcement of the new Call of Duty title has become a significant yearly event. This year is particularly exciting as it sees a new development team take the reigns €“ Sledgehammer Games. It will be the studio's first full release and with plenty of rumours flying about, the Advanced Warfare reveal trailer has a lot of information to be share. The obvious major reveal was the introduction of House Of Cards star Kevin Spacey to the Call of Duty universe, but there's plenty of smaller details to be found through a thorough searching of the pre-release material. The game will feature a single protagonist voiced by Troy Baker - you may not know the name but you'll definitely know the voice; being he's been the star of the last two Saint's Row games and also voiced Joel in The Last of Us - and it will be set in the year 2054, making Advanced Warfare chronologically the most futuristic Call of Duty title. There's still plenty of information to come though; there's very few details in the first trailer. The game's multiplayer hasn't yet been discussed, leaving plenty to be anticipated in the coming months. However, we can't realistically wait that long, so we've put together a list of killer features we'd like to see Sledgehammer introduce in Advanced Warfare; some are influenced by major rivals of the Call of Duty franchise while others reintroduce or expand on some great ideas from earlier COD titles. Implementing some of these ideas would help Call of Duty bounce back from the underwhelming Ghosts while also establishing Sledgehammer as one of gaming's key development studios. Above all else, they would make Advanced Warfare an exciting, entertaining title once again, and regardless of your views on the Call of Duty franchise in general that's something that would benefit everyone.

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