Call Of Duty: 7 Maps That Almost Ruined It

6. Wasteland (Modern Warfare 2)


I often see this being voted as the worst map in the series, which surprises me to say the least. Actually, no, it doesn't. It's terrible. Wasteland is a map that I refused to play, hence why it sits at number 6. I simply didn't play it enough to warrant putting it at the top spot, but when I did, let's just say I wasn't a happy little boy. Modern Warfare 2 was the first to add roll on kill-streaks, a concept included in every Call of Duty since. I guarantee you that the developers would have scrapped the idea if they had played a few hours of Wasteland. I mean, what exactly was Wasteland meant to provide? It€™s basically an empty field with a small tunnelled area in the middle, which is so heavily contested, it makes rushing pointless. Flanking is impossible due to the horrible map design and you can't shoot down air support as you are completely open. All. The. Time. If you don't snipe, you might as well put the controller down. Which I did. Again. And again.

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