Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Officially Announced

Activision & Treyarch officially reuniting to release the future-set sequel to the high-octane shooter.

The worst kept secret in gaming history has now been confirmed, as Activision and Treyarch have officially unveiled the forthcoming sequel to Black Ops on the official UK site for Call of Duty. The pre-order section of the official Call of Duty site carries the following plot hint:
Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare.
The debut trailer is currently linked on the official site, but as yet will not play as it is set to private on YouTube. The link looks a little like this... The site also features the box-art for the forthcoming game, which is released on 13th November worldwide. It seems the game, as expected will only be released on XBox 360, PS3 and PC...

There are also two screenshots available, which have been leaked (thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up) and will appear on the Call of Duty site later today, presumably, in the space allocated for Quadrotor screen shots. Clearly the remote controlled drone that has been teased in the past days and weeks was only the start of what the quadrotors will actually offer to the game... Fans will have to stay tuned for more information when the official announcement comes later on tonight. You can follow all of our Black Ops 2 coverage here, including our wishlist and rumour round-ups.

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