Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War: 10 Tips & Tricks To Get Better In Multiplayer

Sick and tired of being wrecked by try-hards? Then here's some tips to get the upper hand.


November has been an incredible month for gaming, but if there's one thing we've learnt from the release of next-gen consoles and their respective launch titles, it's that more of a focus has been placed on the single player experience. And although this is brilliant for introverted gamers like myself, we all crave some social interaction at times, with a possible second lockdown in many countries making this the perfect time for a multiplayer title to be released into the world.

Cue Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War, which is the latest in Treyarch's attempts to take the FPS genre by storm. Unlike its ludicrously extended title, Cold War offers a single player campaign that can be finished in just under a few hours, but considering that most players are interested in the game's various multiplayer modes, this is nothing more than a sweet bonus. And since Call of Duty has always been known for its quickfire gameplay, insane arsenal, and expletive-yelling youths, fans of the franchise will feel right at home with Cold War.

But if you find yourself shaking in frustration having fallen victim to campers, try-hards, and rogue grenades alike, stay right where you are, as these insider tips and tricks are sure to give you the upper hand in future battles to come.

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