Call of Duty: Black Ops FINALLY Coming To Mac?

Which is a little like publishing a paperback called ‘The Funnier Side Of Cot Death’.

It hasn€™t been a wonderful time to be a Mac owner these past few weeks€ or ever. It all started with the news about the virus that completely obliterated the notion that Macs are bug free. Following that story, it seems that Mac owners aren€™t out of the metaphorical woods yet as Aspyr Media are set to be publishing Black Ops to Mac computers, which is like publishing a paperback called €˜The Funnier Side Of Cot Death€™. Black Ops came out in 2010 which in gaming is basically the bloody dark ages, and was developed by Treyarch who created the game adaptations of the Spider-Man films as well as Call of Duty: World at War and various ports. Being the type of person who isn€™t a fan of straight out repetition in gaming, I was tired of every instalment of the Call of Duty franchise after Call of Duty 4 having the same old formula that is to dangle protagonist death over our heads like an unsurprising dagger. Then, after what felt like an eternity of FPS€™s, Black Ops arrived on our doorsteps like a Harry Potter and in his woven basket carried the best story of the franchise. Yes Black Ops had the same unsurprising dagger malarkey and the voice acting was a complete joke, but at least in the grand scheme of things Black Ops stands out of the Call of Duty crowd because there was some actual character development. Since 1996 Aspyr Media have made a carrier out of porting Windows games onto the Mac OS system and in the past have ported such games as Star Wars the Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition and Call of Duty 2 and 4. With games like Call of Duty 4 under their belt I find Ted Staloch (Aspyr€™s Executive Vice President) statement about Black Ops a little puzzling. €œAspyr has worked with the biggest brands in the entertainment world, but the launch of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops for Apple fans is our biggest in 17 years. Treyarch has created a masterpiece and we are thrilled to launch later this year.€ Yes adding Black Ops to the Apple€™s painfully underweight library of games is a good thing, but saying that Black Ops not Call of Duty 4 is €˜our biggest in 17 years€™ I think it more to do with the fact that Black Ops is getting on 2 years old and Teds trying to crank the old hype machine. The sequel to Black Ops comes out November 13th for PS3, XBOX360 and PC and from what I€™ve seen, I believe that Black Ops 2 will be highly disappointing if you€™re a fan, but if Mac owners are lucky, they will be €˜enjoying€™ Black Ops 2 when the Sun envelopes the Earth.
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