Call Of Duty: Every Treyarch Zombies Map Ranked From Worst To Best

Treyarch's Zombies story has come to an end. Time to separate the Juggernogs from the Who's Whos.

Call of Duty Zombies Maps Ranking

After 11 years of horde-slaying, Treyarch's Zombies mode storyline has come to an end. Because yes, there's actually a story behind all of the perk vending machines and magic weapon-granting boxes.

First introduced in Call of Duty: World at War, a narrative behind all of the slaughter was first planted in the third map, Shi No Numa, ballooning into a sprawling multi-universe, mind-bending story.

As the game mode continued into Call of Duty: Black Ops and its three numbered sequels, the 'Aether' storyline came to a close in the recently released Tag der Toten in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Honestly, you're going to need an encyclopedic knowledge to keep up with this.

Even with a new quartet of survivors introduced in a wholly new, wholly separate story in Black Ops 4 to continue the Zombies mode as a whole in future sequels, there's no better time than to look back at the 29 maps we know like the back of our hands.

Grab a Ray Gun, an ice cold Juggernog and you buy the first door (because I don't have enough points). Let's get to ranking every Treyarch Zombies map.

29. TranZit

Call of Duty Zombies Maps Ranking

We begin with the very bottom. If you know your Zombies, it couldn't have really been anything else.

During the run-up to Black Ops II's launch, our first fix of Zombies post-Black Ops was hotly anticipated. Following an incredible reveal trailer featuring Avenged Sevenfold, TranZit looked to be the next step in the evolution of Zombies the fans were all hoping for. The largest map we'd ever seen, a ranking system never-before implemented in Zombies, all new weapons and new zombie variants? On paper, it looked to be the best thing ever to happen to Zombies.

TranZit had a ton of potential. However in practice, the cracks really started to show- cracks being the operative word. Mechanically, the automated bus driven by T.E.D. was a nightmare. Never staying in any location for a sufficient amount of time to allow the player to achieve what must be done at each location in order to progress.

Literal cracks in the floor with painful lava spurting out, along with thick fog covering the map, were a test of players' patience- even though they were implemented to keep the ambitious map running properly on the under-powered engine.

A sub-par wonder weapon, terrible power switch and Pack-a-Punch mechanics, a horrendously annoying boss zombie in the form of Avogadro- it was the kick-off to Black Ops 2's Zombies season absolutely nobody wanted.


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