Call Of Duty: Warzone Tips - 7 Best Weapon Loadouts

How Should You Gear Up In The Newest Battle Royale ?


Ever since its release in early March, COD Warzone has become incredibly popular. The free to play game has quickly gained over 30 million players.

The last time we saw a popular game explode on this scale was Fortnite. Another free to play battle royale, both titles say something about where the gaming industry is heading.

Despite similarities, Call Of Duty's Warzone is nothing like Fortnite.

Warzone is a much more realistic game which requires players to think about their every move and come up with a strategy every step of the way.

Seeing as it's a first person shooter, weapon setups are an important part in this strategy. Keep in mind we won't cover every aspect of a loadout, but if you're looking to focus on the best immediate selections, they're right here.

7. Boring But Powerful


This one doesn't have too much to it, other than being a powerful loadout. It won't really suit any specific strategy but will get the job done anywhere.

The M4 acts as your medium-long range weapon. This is because the SMG known as the MP7 is going to be your secondary weapon.

The MP7 may not look like anything special, but it's really powerful from super-short range. The high rate of fire mixed with low recoil makes it perfect for close quarters.

The Molotov Grenade makes for a great lethal as does the Stun Grenade on the tactical side of things.


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