Can You Handle Our Insanely Hard Video Game Quiz?

No, seriously, you can't.


Cards on the table: Just how well do you know the gaming industry?

Spanning a good 40-odd years and currently being the most lucrative entertainment industry in the world right now, gaming has gone through one hell of a transformation over the years. Flash back to even a decade ago and your average person wasn't admitting to playing games regularly, yet once Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Nintendo's Wii arrived, that all changed.

Suddenly entire families were duelling one another at Wii Sports, and that's led to runaway, unprecedented successes like GTA Online and Fortnite. The latter brings in a global reach of 40 million players a month, with Rockstar's little gem currently topping 100 million copies sold - a stat that puts it as the most successful entertainment property of all time.

All of this is besides the point, though. Gamers as a cultural identity have been plugging away at our respective favourites for decades; studying the industry's figureheads, watching developers grow and embracing franchises or indie releases alike.

With so much to dissect, how well do you truly know the gaming industry and all its biggest titles?

1. When Microsoft Launched The Xbox, What Did They Say Was The Meaning Behind The Animated Green Goo On The Dashboard?

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