Can You Match The Video Game To Its Box Art?

Iconic and unforgettable... or are they?

Quantic Dream

Box art is a vital component of any video game, for while it has no bearing on the actual quality of a given game, it can often mean the difference between a lucrative franchise and a commercial flop.

With the right eye-catching design and iconic style, a great video game cover can snappily convey its genre, plot, characters, and themes, ensuring potential customers know exactly what they're throwing their money down for.

And so, it's time to test just how closely you were paying attention to the box art for these video games, be they unforgettable AAA classics or more niche, quirky indie titles.

With the title removed and the focus trained on the central image, can you figure out which games these covers are trying to sell?

Needless to say, in an all-digital age where the art of the video game cover is starting to disappear, some of these newer titles might stump you a little.

As ever, the answers are at the end, so good luck!

1. Which Video Game Is It?

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