Can YOU Name All These Marvel Video Games?

Even the biggest Marvel fans will struggle to remember all of these games.


Marvel have been in the video game business for a long time now, with their first ever release coming out four years before they even had a live-action film based on of their properties. Their heroes have appeared in nearly every genre imaginable, from beat 'em ups and puzzle games, to MMOs and even digital pinball.

With the recent release of the live-service Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix and the upcoming, highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it doesn't look like Marvel will be leaving the medium anytime soon.

With well over 100 games based on their beloved superheroes, it'd be near impossible to remember all of them. Not all of them were critical darlings like 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man. But if you're up for the challenge I've compiled screenshots and box art of some of their most fondly remembered titles, as well as a few deep cuts that'll have you scratching your head for days.

So if you think you've got a brain the size of M.O.D.O.K and want to prove it, then look no further and see if you can get 100% on this Marvel games quiz!

Name That Marvel Video Game!


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