Can You Name The Cancelled Video Game From ONE Image?

Do you recognise these games you'll never play?

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The nature of video game development is so enormously complex that, for every game that successfully makes it to market, there are countless ones that, sadly, ultimately end up cancelled.

While most cancelled projects aren't ever announced nor does the general public ever hear about them, there are still many tantalising unreleased video games which gamers have seen glimpses of over the years.

From announced games which stagnated in development for years before being cancelled, to top secret titles which only had prototype footage released in the years that followed, all of these fascinating-looking games are a testament to just how challenging it is to complete even the most promising video game project.

Though there's the faint possibility that one or two of these games could get revived in the future, for the most part they're simply a tragic monument to unrealised potential.

So, can you name these disappointingly cancelled video games from just a single image of early gameplay? The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. Which Cancelled Game Is It?

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