Can You Name The Metal Gear Solid Boss From One Image?

Kept you quizzing, huh?


The Metal Gear Solid franchise may be effectively dead without the continued involvement of creator Hideo Kojima - to most fans, at least - but the series' legacy as an envelope-pushing stealth action franchise cannot be understated.

And as brilliantly crafted as the core gameplay is, one of the most distinctive aspects of any Metal Gear game is, of course, the boss fights.

Kojima has filled Snake and company's rogues' gallery with a litany of weird and wonderful enemies to battle across the series, from the mind-melting controller-swap trickery of Psycho Mantis, to Metal Gear Solid 4's fan service-infused final scuffle with Liquid Ocelot.

But how well do you remember the bosses really? We've cherry-picked 15 epic antagonists across the franchise, from the iconic to the little-remembered, to test just how deeply they embedded themselves in your brain.

You'll need a sturdy knowledge of the entire Metal Gear series to score 100% - yes, even those spin-offs you probably never got around to playing.

And as always, the results are at the end, so good luck...

1. Who Is It?

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