Can You Name The Video Game Weapon?

Can you remember the name of Halo's lightsaber?

Square Enix

Making a great video game is one thing, but beyond a compelling story, a badass hero and addictive gameplay, one of the most important aspects of any game centered around combat is its arsenal of weaponry on offer.

Can any action game truly be an all-timer without at least an iconic weapon or two to show off? A weapon with a unique design that feels amazing to wield in-game can elevate gameplay so much, and majorly boost a hero's esteem with fans.

In a landscape where giant swords are a dime a dozen and we've all seen huge machine-guns ad nauseum, though, it takes that extra special something to stand out, and these 15 video game weapons most certainly did that.

From comically oversized blades to ludicrously creative guns and every quirky thing in-between, you'll need an impressive knowledge of video game death-dealers to get anywhere close to 100% on this quiz.

As ever the answers are at the end, so good luck!

1. Which Weapon Is It?

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