Can You Name These Xbox Exclusives From ONE Image?

How well do you remember Microsoft's back catalogue?

Microsoft Game Studios

It's fair to say that the current gaming generation has been a tough and challenging one for Microsoft, what with the Xbox One's underwhelming launch and the disappointing lack of quality exclusives available - compared to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, at least.

But this generation has also seen Microsoft veer away from pure exclusive console games, opting instead to support Xbox as an ecosystem spread across not only Xbox consoles but also PC.

And while this means that the Xbox Series X won't have many - if any - exclusive games that can't also be played on PC, it nevertheless opens their library up to a far wider audience, especially with all first-party games launching on Xbox Game Pass day one.

But what about the hundreds of exclusive games Microsoft has released across the Xbox family of consoles over the last two decades? From cult classics to AAA masterworks, just how many Xbox-exclusive titles do you actually remember?

No matter how you do, the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Which Game Is It?

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