Castlevania Season 2: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Back and bloodier than ever.


When Netflix's short animated series Castlevania dropped in 2017, it was a revelation for fans and newcomers alike, with its superb writing, stunning animation, and some of the best voice acting ever heard in television, with a hard R rating that delivered on the gory action and X-rated hilarity of Warren Ellis's witty dialogue.

Produced by Adi Shankar based on the shelved film script by prolific comicbook writer Warren Ellis, Castlevania only had four episodes to its name for its first season, episodes that didn't even cross the thirty-minute mark. It was, however, met with an enthusiastic and positive reception from both critics and general audiences alike, with compelling characters and a story that begged continuation.

The only real complaint was that people wanted more, which speaks to the quality of this anime-esque gothic production.

With Season 2 coming in October to usher in the Halloween season, there's more than enough to be excited for for Studio Frederator's anime-style American production. One which may hold the trophy for the best American adaptation of a game franchise to screen.

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