Crash Bandicoot: 10 More PS1 Classics That Deserve Remasters

6. Gex

Gex 64 Enter The Gecko
Crystal Dynamics

The late 90s and early 2000s were jam packed with so many good and memorable 3D platformers, it's sad to see the genre has practically wasted away. And while it may have been overshadowed by the likes of Crash Bandicoot, Mario, and Spyro... Gex was certainly one of the more unique in the genre.

What made Gex so great was the drastic difference between levels, as each focused on certain pop-culture hits. There was anything from a Looney Tunes themed level to a Bruce Lee themed level. These were the things that made going from level to level so fun in the Gex games. And just as it's being done with Crash Bandicoot, it would be great to see both Gex 2 and 3 come as a package deal. While it would be great to see the first as well, the drastic difference in gameplay and presentation just wouldn't mix as well along side the others.

While there's no denying that many of the references in these games will be tragically outdated today, they would be a nice little trip down memory lane. Gex has been gone now for close to 20 years which is hard to imagine, and while it was never one of the best selling games on the PlayStation 1, it would surely be welcomed with open arms by fans who remember the smart-ass little green gecko.


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