Crash Bandicoot: 10 More PS1 Classics That Deserve Remasters

4. Ape Escape

Ape escape PS1

Who would have ever thought running around and catching monkeys in a net would be such an entertaining, and important game for PlayStation. Not only would it become one of the many big 3D platformers for the PlayStation, but it also was one of the first games to require the use of a DualShock controller. Sometimes it's crazy to think there was a time in gaming before analog sticks and vibrating controllers.

Like so many other games on this list, it's been a long time since a new Ape Escape game has hit the shelves of your local video game store. Ape Escape 2 was recently polished up and re-released for the PS4, but a new, main game hasn't come out in over 10 years. If the re-release of Ape Escape 2 shows anything, it's the intentions aren't really there for a full on remaster, but simply a spit and shine. Ape Escape itself even saw a bit of a spit in shine back in 2005, when it was released on PSP but to mixed reviews.

Ape Escape is one of those games many fans think of when thinking of the glory days of the PS1. Along side Crash, Spyro and Solid Snake, Spike and the monkeys from Ape Escape are classic PS1 mascots. A full remaster would certainly be welcomed by fans, and it would be a great way to introduce younger fans into the great games they may have missed back in the day.


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