Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

"A blast from the past"... with some crippling differences.

Crash bandicoot n sane

We all knew Sony were going to get back around to remastering Crash at some point - the orange marsupial goes hand in hand with PlayStation branding like nothing else.

Single-handedly responsible for selling the PS1 to an entire generation, it goes without saying that those first three games are still held in the highest regard. So for a studio to both advertise the fact they were taking Naughty Dog's old masterpieces and recreating the entire trilogy from the ground up - it was either going to be phenomenal or a complete disaster.

Thankfully, the result is a resoundingly positive one, seeing Vicarious Visions - who were formerly responsible for all the Game Boy Advance iterations of the franchise - step up to bat for a full console release. With their only other triple-A Crash experience being filtered through Skylanders: Imaginators - Crash Edition and the fact they have Naughty Dog's impeccable legacy to live up to, the fact they've pulled anything off is cause for celebration alone.

That said, Crash's 2017 edition isn't perfect, though it does come mighty close...

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