Crash Bandicoot To Return At E3 2015?

With Uncharted 4 delayed, could that gap be filled by the orange marsupial?

With June 14th's E3 conference being less than a month away, there are all manner of rumours, speculation and wish-fulfilment (hopefully) on the horizon. That means it's okay to start believing in things like The Last Guardian, Fallout 4 and whatever phantom sequel you've always wanted all over again. However, in amongst all the potential triple-A firework displays that'll be wowing people left, right and centre - did you ever think you'd be getting excited for another Crash Bandicoot? Such a thing has been floated on Reddit and NeoGAF across the evening of 18th May, and although the threads discussing the game have since been shut down - it's always worth covering these sorts of things when it's E3 we're talking about. So let's look at the facts; Sony have barely got any major first-party titles to shout about outside of something like Bloodborne (which itself was only aided in development by them anyway), and with Naughty Dog pushing Uncharted 4 back to next year, an easy hometown win that doubles as a nostalgia box-ticker would go down a treat. Obviously anyone who stuck with Crash after Naughty Dog switched gears to Jak & Daxter will know he's been handed off to multiple developers since, and so if there's any shred of truth to this image and the accompanying company logo - it could simply be a remastering of the original three games instead. With the amount of 'Definitive Editions' and spruced-up titles getting announced - and Naughty Dog themselves set to show off an Uncharted Trilogy bundle - this could simply be them throwing another coat of paint on one of the most beloved characters in gaming history. What do you think is going to happen? Let us know in the comments if you'd be psyched to see another Crash Bandicoot on PS4 and PS Vita!
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