Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled - 10 Best Tracks

Which ones are the best from one of the best kart racers ever?


Crash Team Racing is back with a bang, blowing all the other kart racers out of the water. While Mario Kart still provides stiff competition after 8 delivered the best entry in the series, if future Crash Racing games can keep this standard up, they might just dethrone the plucky Italian plumber for good.

As well as boasting a host of great characters and that wonderful drift boost mechanic, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled has some of the best tracks around. As the title suggests, the game combines the original Crash Team Racing with Nitro Kart, and Tag Team Racing additions are in the works too.

It’s clear some Nitro Kart tracks were riffs on the original CTR, although some still managed to improve upon the great arenas that came before. Nitro Fueled gives them all a new lick of paint and brings them all up to speed with modern graphics.

Separating the best of the best comes down to popularity amongst the online community, difficulty, inventiveness, variety of hazards and just sheer speed. CTR has always been a fast-paced racer, but in some cases, these tracks can be absolute lightning.


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