Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Does Crash come out on top in his own game?


Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled dropped this week, and after the character’s recent revival with the N. Sane Trilogy, the game continues the nostalgia train that keeps Crash’s momentum building. The racer combines the classic Crash Team Racing with elements of Nitro Kart and Tag Team Racing mixed in too.

The characters are split into four categories: speedsters, accelerators, handlers and more balanced folk. They’re judged here on design, personality, how well they fit their categories, and generally how much fun they are to play as.

Recently, the original PS1 game was subject to a ranking, but this isn’t just that one with that newbies crammed in. Their skins, place in Crash history, and how the updated version treats them comes into play here too.

The Pit Stop store adds more complication; several characters have to be bought, which hurts their ranking somewhat as they’re lesser known characters anyway. Earning them doesn’t always feel that worthwhile when all of your favourites are already unlocked either automatically or through regular gameplay.

Sometimes though, the Pit Stop characters are worth the grind, and unlocking them feels all the sweeter.

Since the Grand Prix hasn’t started yet, those characters (Tawna, Spyro etc.) are obviously not included here.


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