Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled: 10 Reason's It's The Best Kart Racer Available

10. Grand Prix Adds Infinite Replayability


This feature isn't even out in the released game yet, but it already looks like it'll be full of content.

Grand Prix is an online mode starting next month that essentially acts as an ongoing tournament of sorts. With each Grand Prix comes new characters, new tracks and loads of new items to be earned.

The best part? All of the content that comes will be completely free, and earned through just playing the game. Considering Activision published the title, that's actually pretty impressive.

Crash Team Racing definitely needed an online element like this to keep people coming back, even if the rest of the game is already stuffed with content.

This also means that all of the content coming in Grand Prix is actually brand new as well. New racers and new tracks is a really cool feature that honestly could have easily been saved for a sequel down the line.

Grand Prix also means that Spyro will be in Crash Team Racing, so that's an instant victory really.


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