Gaming: GOLDENEYE is back and on the Wii with Daniel Craig!!!

One of the reasons I still have my good old Nintendo 64 console is for the multiplayer fun of 'Goldeneye'. The game was of course adapted from the Bond film of the same name that debuted Pierce Brosnan's take on 007 and it was a rarity; a film adaptation that is actually a damn good game. At the big E3 convention occuring the future of video gaming is being press conferenced and demoed, and in amongst all the 3-D technology and controller-less gameplay, Nintendo were pleased to announce a wii only remake of 'Goldeneye' which G4 are displaying on YouTube, and is due in stories in the fall. There is now also an official website for the game. Whilst the game itself looks generally extremely faithful to the original title, it's surprising and a little bizarre to see Daniel Craig's Bond literally in place of Pierce Brosnan's, and Craig himself has lent his vocal chords to the project making this kind of a first for the EON Bond franchise; a remake. This at least will fill the gap that seems to be ever-expanding now that production on a new Bond film is stalled by the troubles at MGM. Personally I feel that 'Goldeneye' the film is the one of the few Bond movies that really stands alone and works without the concession of 'being a Bond movie'. The original game is great fun to play with friends, my weapon of choice: proximity mines. How about you?

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