Dark Souls 2: 15 Hidden Items You Must Find

Hard to find treasures are usually the coolest and this gear definitely follows that trend.

Dark Souls 2 is a veritable treasure trove of shiny trinkets and glorious gear. It's many menus are filled with stats and numbers just waiting for you to plunder and ponder over for hours, deciding which of your sixty four helms is the exact correct one for the situation. While it's easy to sail through the game and simply take what you find along your merry way (well, perhaps 'merry' isn't the correct term for a game as tough as this), there are many rewards waiting for those who choose to dig a little deeper for the more rare items available. There are hundreds of cool pieces of loot, but this is a list of fifteen bits of gear you may not have found your first time around and one or two treasures that have cool effects you may not have been aware of. So sit by the bonfire, friends and sunbros, as we learn about some of the coolest items in Dark Souls 2 that you should definitely check out!

15. The Invisible Aurous Set

Since you lose all of your accumulated souls when you die, it's likely that the counter on the bottom right of your screen will often read as roughly '0'. However, before running off to collect that sweet, sweet soul currency from the bloodstain in front of that particularly harrowing demon, a hidden set of armour awaits those with no souls to their name. After you've spent 16000 souls on Mauglin's various armours in Majula, returning to him with no souls will prompt him to take pity and award you with the invisible Aurous set. To the untrained eye of those pesky undead enemies you'll be coming at them in your undies, but little do they know you're packing this very cool set of gear. As armour sets go it's fairly mundane, but it does give you extra equip load, adding up to a total of an extra 5% with the whole set on, which is certainly a nice buff. Being able to display your butt and protect it at the same time is also an excellent bonus.
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