Dark Souls 3: Ranking Every Boss From Worst To Best

After three games, you'd think they'd be out of cool boss ideas...

Dark souls 3 nameless king

You can argue that Dark Souls is all about the world, the lore, the combat or even the characters, but the most popular and most notable aspect of the franchise has always been the bosses. From Software always pushed the boat out on difficult and memorable bosses and Dark Souls 3 saw a return to form after the disappointing effort of Dark Souls 2.

With some of the more interesting boss concepts being found in the world of Lothric, Dark Souls 3 firmly cemented itself as a rival to the quality of the first instalment. Full of elegant duels, unique and challenging boss mechanics and even re-imaginings of some of the most favourited Dark Souls 1 bosses, the third game had it all.

And with The Ringed City DLC rounding out the series once and for all, with bosses to rival even that of the first game's additional content, there is no better time to go back and ruminate on the bosses that stood in our way across Lothric.

So here they are, all the Dark Souls 3 bosses - DLC included - ranked from worst to best.


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