Days Gone Review: 8 Ups & 5 Downs

Sony's latest is a slow burn, but it nails the landing.


Sony's latest PS4 exclusive, Days Gone, is finally out, and it's certainly had a tough act to follow. The console maker has been killing it for the majority of the generation when it comes to must-play exclusives, with recent big hitters like Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War not only being considered some of the best games to release on the Playstation 4, but across any console this decade.

Sony Bend's release - their first effort in seven years - has come with plenty of expectations then, not only in the context of Sony's own library of recent titles, but because of the game's own tumultuous history, with plenty of delays and huge showcases at pressers like E3 already crafting a defined image of the zombie (sorry, Freaker) game in the minds of players.

That said, the question of whether or not it lives up to the rest of Sony's exclusive library is kind of a loaded question. Just because it's not another Horizon: Zero Dawn or Uncharted 4 doesn't inherently mean it's a failure, and there is indeed so much to love about Sony Bend's project. Still, Days Gone is admittedly flawed, and while it's fun, it leaves plenty of room for improvement.

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