Dead Island: Game of the Year Coming?

If you still haven't bought Dead Island you may want to wait a little longer.

According to the UK ratings board the BBFC a Dead Island game of the year edition might be released later this year. As of right now nothing is confirmed but Siliconera found that The British Board of Film Classification had given Dead Island: Game of the Year edition a rating of Mature 18. As I don't think that the British Board of Film Classification would be giving ratings to products that don't exist, the game is probably real. They even set the release date as June 30th of this year. The release date is for the UK most likely so the US release date (if there is one) is still unannounced. As for what will be included in the game but it is probably a forgone conclusion that the already released DLC Ryder White€™s Campaign and the Bloodbath Arena will be included. Dead Island was a controversial game because of the amazing trailer that was released for the game but unfortunately the game could never come close to living up to the hype the trailer produced. However, I will say that many people did enjoy the game but I just don't think the game fit the trailer that caused all the hype for the game. I honestly think even though most reviewers where only lukewarm about the game, this game has somewhat become a cult classic.
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