Dead Rising 4: 10 Reasons It's The King Of The Zombie Genre

Let the slay ride begin.

Few games manage to nail free-wheeling anarchism in such a way as Dead Rising. From the ridiculously-fun, custom weapons to a variety of main characters who'd just as soon suplex a zombie through a store window as munch down some fast food to keep going, there's a certain self-awareness to the series that, over the years, has made it the premiere zombie-slaying franchise of them all.

Now, with the release of its fourth instalment, Capcom have listened to fans more than ever, restoring the beloved Frank West to the leading role, and even setting the whole thing at Xmas, just for kicks.

There's a super strength-granting Exo Suit, the option to take selfies amidst even the most chaotic of scenarios - even the occasional vehicle to mow down a few hundred of the undead at once. Indeed, Dead Rising 4 is just the latest in such a marquis franchise, and here's why.


10. Indulging In The Pure Carnage Of The Genre

dead rising 4

Everyone loves a good "Getting your gun off" scene. Predator had Arnie and the boys levelling a jungle, The Walking Dead's Michonne isn't averse to slicing through entire groups of foes at once - even that moment when Simon Pegg started popping heads with his baseball bat in Shaun of the Dead was a total delight.

There's just something about turning the tables on a zombie horde in the most gory and overblown way that's immensely satisfying - a trait Dead Rising has excelled in since its inception.

More than any past instalment, Dead Rising 4 utilises the power of newer hardware to deliver some of the most visually spectacular group-kills the franchise has ever seen. Let's just say that electrified axes that decimate city blocks are only the tip of the iceberg...


Capcom's legacy of historic franchises in home and arcade gaming are testaments to an unparalleled commitment to excellence.